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1. Daisy
2. Opening Act
3. A Unique Solution
4. G's Brain Takes 4 Double A's
5. Welcome to Happyland
6. Naughty-cal
7. Solar Powered Calculators
8. Interests & Activities
9. creepy electronix
10. Intermission
11. carnival
12. Go Pro
13. Best Album of 1998
14. summerX
15. There they go!
16. Semi-pro Crastination
17. Ringmaster 111111
18. Fighting the Internet
19. Ah, the Sea (plus plus)
20. Telopea Lake

a 2016 song here

and this kinda jank


Y E A R 2 0 0 0 + 16 / 17
Title Release Download
Many new tracks coming shortly. Stay tuned. 9/9/9999  

Y E A R 2 0 1 . 5
Title Release Download
OK TY 8/10/15 [MP3]
Names 8/9/15 [MP3]
Regatta 8/7/15 [MP3]
funL cake 8/6/15 [MP3]
Hypersonic 8/5/15 [MP3]
NES Release Date 8/4/15 [MP3]
Final Fantasy IV - Battle-Remix-Battle 8/3/15 [MP3]

Title Release Download
[Album / 20-tracks] A circus attended by robots. 11/11/11 [Bandcamp]
Diagonalization 2/24/11 [MP3]
Egyptian Level! 1/8/11 [MP3]
not even dubstep music 1/4/11 [MP3]

YEAR = 2010
Title Release Download
Blue Angel 12/12/10 [MP3]
Epic XVIII (fun times mix) 7/28/10 [MP3]
Epic XVI (fun times mix) 7/24/10 [MP3]
Mark Lassiter - Through the raindrops (FP! remix) 1/17/10 [MP3]

YEAR = 2009 (ZIP FILE of all 2009 songs)
Title Release Download
Santa doesn't believe in Jesus 12/10/09 [MP3]
Go for the Gold 9/25/09 [MP3]
Prime Number 9/15/09 [MP3]
Boards of Canada - roygbiv (FP! cover) 9/4/09 [MP3]
Jon Brion - Elephant Parade (FP! turnz-2-techno cover) 7/11/09 [MP3]
Jon Brion - Elephant Parade (FP! cover) 7/11/09 [MP3]
DK Country - Bonus (fun times mix) 6/4/09 [MP3]
Ducktales Lol 5/29/09 [MP3]
pinnoK (Pinocchio remix) 5/22/09 [MP3]
Holiday for Strings (remix of a track by The Voices Of Walter Schumann) 5/22/09 [MP3]
Blondie - Call Me (remix) 4/12/09 [MP3]
Lingering Resentment 4/1/09 [MP3]
Hotel Mario (dance remix) 3/21/09 [MP3]
Let me make it up to you 3/9/09 [MP3]
NEDM Ragtime / Dance (remix of Coburn) 2/21/09 [MP3]
Anniversary 2/15/09 [MP3]
n00born (adaptation of Muse) 2/9/09 [MP3]
The Jungle Book - I want to be like you (good mix) 1/28/09 [MP3]
Wroclai (inspired by Beirut) 1/25/09 [MP3]
Crazy Rockers! 1/19/09 [MP3]
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (electronics expo remix) 1/10/09 [MP3]

YEAR = 2008 (ZIP FILE of all 2008 songs)
Title Release Download
Tomatoes are Poison 12/14/08 [MP3]
Karol of the Bells 12/13/08 [MP3]
PART 12: Epic Beatz (fun times mix) feat. feat. user! 12/11/08 [MP3]
Mr. Opretentiös Musik 10/14/08 [MP3]
EMINEDM 10/4/08 [MP3]
Ate-bit 10/4/08 [MP3]
MGMT - Kids (remix) 10/4/08 [MP3]
Computica 10/4/08 [MP3]
Dive Dive Dive (instrumental) 8/3/08 [MP3]
Neoteric 8/3/08 [MP3]
Semisonic - Closing time (remix) 8/3/08 [MP3]
Habits 8/3/08 [MP3]
Pachelbel's Canon (remix) 6/29/08 [MP3]
Live Fun Times (live versions of Dodgson and 300: This is Sparta) 4/19/08 [MP3]
Bacaruda (fun times mix) 3/28/08 [MP3]
Clock change 3/28/08 [MP3]
God rest ye merry gentlemen! 3/6/08 [MP3]
Cheering! 3/1/08 [MP3]
Flying! 3/1/08 [MP3]
PART 10: Epic Beatz (fun times mix) feat. LOL!!  3/1/08 [MP3]
Super Mario Acapella (fun times mix) [original by ChemKneazle] 3/1/08 [MP3]
Internet Music Mp3 2/16/08 [MP3]
SOUNDKRAP 2/16/08 [MP3]
NEW! Zelda Ocarina of Time: Song of Storms remix 1/25/08 [MP3]
COOL SONG 1/21/08 [MP3]
WOAH! Cool song title! 1/21/08 [MP3]

YEAR = 2007 (ZIP FILE of all 2007 songs)
Title Release Download
When I exported it I called it nintendo 12/5/07 [MP3]
Ted Danson in Space (Duck Tales NES remix) 11/18/07 [MP3]
Baroque Hoedown (remix) 11/18/07 [MP3]
Portal - Still Alive (unfinished remix) 11/18/07 [MP3]
Kirby's Dream Land - Green Greens (remix) 11/18/07 [MP3]
Feel Good Inc. (pretty windmill mix) 11/18/07 [MP3]
Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue (happy hardcore remix)


Sonic & Knuckles - Flying Battery Zone remix 9/17/07 [MP3]
PART 8: Epic Beatz (fun times mix) FEAT. EPICNESS 9/12/07 [MP3]
PART 6: EPIC (Epic [Epic Beatz (fun times mix)] Beatz! (fun times mix)) BEATZ (fun times mix)  9/12/07 [MP3]
PART 4: Epic [Epic Beatz (fun times mix)] Beatz! (fun times mix) 9/12/07 [MP3]
PART 2: Epic Beatz (fun times mix) 9/12/07 [MP3]
Worst Sleep Ever (fun times mix) feat. Baracuda 7/25/07 [MP3]
Soggy Headphones 7/25/07 [MP3]
Super Mario HaX0r 7/25/07 [MP3]
Crossfire commercial vs. DragonForce 7/25/07 [MP3]
Barbaric (senile times mix) 7/25/07 [MP3]
404th of July 7/5/07 [MP3]
Exciting!! 7/5/07 [MP3]
Feel Good Inc. vs Castles in the Sky 7/5/07 [MP3]
Gwen Stephanie - The Sweet Escape (remix)  6/12/07 [MP3]
Snoop Dogg vs. Dr. Robotnik 5/16/07 [MP3]
Peanut Butter and Jaaaaam!! (fun times mix) 5/16/07 [MP3]
Incredible Mashup 5/16/07 [MP3]
Green Day vs. Texas Faggott 5/16/07 [MP3]
This is DENNAL PLAAAN (fun times mix)  5/16/07 [MP3]
Barbie Girl vs Ghostbusters (mashup) 5/16/07 [MP3]
Eminem vs. Cranky 4/28/07 [MP3]
Zelda Ocarina of Time: Song of Storms (remix) 4/12/07 [MP3]
Bad Coding & Grey Goose (fun times mix) 4/12/07 [MP3]
Bad Coding & Grey Goose (instrumental) 4/12/07 [MP3]
Leeroy Jenkins (instrumental) 4/14/07 [MP3]
Leeroy Jenkins (fun times mix) 4/11/07 [MP3]
YTMND which falls apart quickly 2 4/3/07 [MP3]
PTKFGS: April Jokes Day (April 3rd) 4/2/07 [MP3]
You just fell for the Trap! (instrumental)  4/1/07 [MP3]
WoW: The Chant of Reality (fun times mix) 3/31/07 [MP3]
You just fell for the Trap!  3/29/07 [MP3]
300 This is Sparta (extended instrumental)  3/28/07 [MP3]
300 This is Sparta (EXTENDED fun times mix) 3/28/07 [MP3]
Jem mashup (long version) 3/21/07 [MP3]
Dodgson (fun times mix instrumental)  3/15/07 [MP3]
Dodgson (fun times mix) 3/15/07 [MP3]
Super Mario Bros. 3 Speed Run 3/11/07 [MP3]
Make Your Own Kind Of Music (remix) 3/3/07 [MP3]
Five Minutes Sir... FUN TIMES MIX!? 3/1/07 [MP3]
YTMND which falls apart (quickly) 2/24/07 [MP3]
300 This is Sparta (fun times mix) 2/19/07 [MP3]
Hypergernomical Grabulation (extended instrumental) 2/18/07 [MP3]
Hypergernomical Grabulation (fun times mix) 2/17/07 [MP3]
McFly You Bojo! (fun times mix) 2/17/07 [MP3]
Is Anna Nicole Still Dead (fun times mix) 2/17/07 [MP3]
How's it hangin McFly (fun times mix) 2/16/07 [MP3]
ubercakes 2/5/07 [MP3]
First Vanguard 2/5/07 [MP3]
(getting aids from) Walking on Broken Glass 1/28/07 [MP3]
slapdash 1/28/07 [MP3]
Sub Wolf  1/27/07 [MP3]
Castles in the Sky (extremely short remix) 1/21/07 [MP3]
Happy Birthday Mr. Loud  1/7/07 [MP3]
Unbitter Sweet Symphony 1/7/07 [MP3]
Tetris B Mind Explosion 1/7/07 [MP3]
Boat Ride 1/7/07 [MP3]
more BOX TEAM please 1/7/07 [MP3]
Climb the musical ladder 1/7/07 [MP3]
Evan Puppet Happy Fun TV Program 1/7/07 [MP3]
Robotically Mad World (incomplete) 1/7/07 [MP3]
ZOMG (incomplete) 1/7/07 [MP3]
Level 1 1/7/07 [MP3]

YEAR = before 2007
Title Release Download
Keaton Wears Teeth - Waka Laka NES Chiptune   [MP3]
Keaton Wears Teeth - The Nightmare Before Christmas NES Chiptune   [MP3]
Keaton Wears Teeth - UR BUETIFULL   [MP3]
Keaton Wears Teeth - Stomp to my Sandstorm   [MP3]
Keaton Wears Teeth - Beat This   [MP3]
Keaton Wears Teeth - The Purchase of Air   [MP3]
Keaton Wears Teeth - The Profound Supposition of Professor Milvo   [MP3]