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Mario and the Devo Chamber Mario and the Devo Chamber
Hosted by youtube.com; If you've ever seen the Super Mario Bros. live action movie, then you've probably already killed yourself. But if not, watch this!
Super Tooth Man Super Tooth Man
Hosted by youtube.com; Plot: Man drinks tea with too much sugar. This sugar erodes his teeth in a strange way. The shape his teeth are in, after the erosion, just happens to be a magical shape which empowers the man to grant himself three wishes. The man chooses to become a super hero with his new found powers.
A Night With Warren G. Harding Dollar Tree Home Video Presents: A Night with Warren G. Harding
Hosted by youtube.com; A video from Dollar Tree Home Video showing our 29th President, Warren G. Harding, doing stuff.
Evan Puppet Commercial Evan Puppet Commercial
Hosted by youtube.com; Commercial for Tokyo's hit show: Evan Puppet Happy TV Fun Show Party.
Others Others:
Keaton's Toy Adventures The adventures of Keaton's stuff
Keaton's Toy Adventures 2 The adventures of Keaton's stuff edition 2
Billy Meet Billy
Evan Puppet Meet Evan Puppet
Mr. Wilson Mr. Wilson
Hosted by video.google.com; A wonderful music video. Music: Optiganally Yours - Mr. Wilson (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
The Adventure of Pecurnicus of Chadwick The Adventure of Pecurnicus of Chadwick
Hosted by video.google.com; When Pecurnicus of Chadwick is cut from the Step Team it is up to the Essence of Lost Dreams to free him of his deep depression.
How to Make a Bowl of Cereal How to Make a Bowl of Cereal
Hosted by video.google.com; Keaton teaches you how to make a bowl of cereal.
Happy Happtacular World Happy Happtacular World
Hosted by video.google.com; Keaton and his production pal Andrew present an amazing video about a visit to Happy Happtacular World. Music: "Dough-Nuts Town's Map" by Plus-Tech Squeeze Box
Disney World 2005 Disney World 2005
Hosted by video.google.com; Keaton present's his trip to Disney World, Summer 2005. Music "Space Fantasy" by E-Pak Sa.