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Rapscallions Rapscallions (5/30/2008)
A couple of Rapscallions have a wonderful time.
The Evil StrawberryThe Evil Strawberry
Hosted by Albinoblacksheep.com. A strawberry with eyes makes a baby cry. Laugh at his pain. Merchandise for this animation available HERE
Extreme Johnny Extreme's Most Extreme Day Ever, To the Extreme!
Ryan My Number 1 Fan is Ryan, and Ryan in Fun Quest!
Someone named Ryan is my number 1 fan. If you believe this to be false you better take some serious action!!
Yellow Man Yellow Man
Replaced by a smile.
Milk Milk
I would like some milk, sir.
Pizzicato Pizzicato
If you think you've seen this animation before, you are confused and should be locked away. Music by Pizzicato Five.
flug flug
Amazing Amazing
A short animation of unreasonable greatness.
Thing2 Thing 2
Hosted by Newgrounds.com. I found this animation in my stomach, then i pulled it out. It has buddy icons here
Letters Letters
Here come the ABC's! Music by They Might Be Giants and the voice of KARSON.
Spanish Family Spanish Family
People who speak Spanish have families.
Random For Dylan Random For Dylan
Dylan was sitting on his bed and found a floating portal beside him, leading to an alternate universe. He entered the portal and visted the land of honey and corn. This animation has nothing to do with that adventure.
Spanish ER Verbs Spanish: ER Verbs
Spanish people use verbs. Some of them end in ER.
Spanish AR Verbs Spanish: AR Verbs
Spanish people use brooms. Some of them for sweeping.
Oh Yeah Oh Yeah
oh yeah
Birthday For Sean Birthday for sean
Sean received several gifts for his birthday, but lost his dignity in the process.
Random For Kevin Random for Kevin
Hosted by Imageshack.us; Kevin is 100% ungrateful of this animation.
Boom Boom Boom BoomBoom Boom Boom Boom
Hosted by Imageshack.us; SS
Ducks Live on the MoonDucks Live on the Moon
Hosted by Albinoblacksheep.com. What's a duck? AIM buddy icon for this animation available here
Bob's StoryBob's Story
Hosted by Imageshack.us. Bob wishes he had a son to precede his reign of terror.
Daft Punk Hidden MessageDaft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger: Hidden Message
You know that bad taste you get in your mouth when you just napped for a long time on your couch, and it's late at night now, and you realize you still have homework to do, then you just get on the internet for hours rather than doing your homework. This is that in animation form.
Waka Laka (Japanese Version)Waka Laka (Japanese Version)
Hosted by Imageshack.us. I was 5 and he was 6 we rode on horses made of sticks. He wore black and I wore white, he would always win the fight, bang bang.
Spanish IR VerbsSpanish 2: IR Verbs
Hosted by Imageshack.us. Find the pigs in the garden.
Hosted by Imageshack.us. Arabidopsis is a little plant, say HI arabidopsis.
Waka LakaWaka Laka
Hosted by Imageshack.us. He shot me down, bang bang, I hit the ground, bang bang, that awful sound, bang bang, my baby shot me down.
Hosted by Imageshack.us. A hallway of pure walking.
Making a Internet Cartoon TutorialMaking a Internet Cartoon Tutorial
Hosted by Albinoblacksheep.com. How to make an internet cartoon.
Bolivian Techno AdventureThe Bolivian Techno Adventure!
Hosted by Imageshack.us. Bolivia has dirt and apparently people.
Chic N' StuChic N' Stu
Hosted by Imageshack.us. Pizza tastes good with bacon.
Hosted by Imageshack.us; The greatest animation ever made. Do not watch it.
Hosted by Imageshack.us. The worst animation ever made. Watch it!
Hosted by Imageshack.us. The longest animation I've ever made. Over 9 hours long.
Star Wars KidStar Wars Kid in "Target Test"
Hosted by Imageshack.us. HA!
Keaton World's AniverseryKeaton World's Anniversery Spectacular
Hosted by Imageshack.us. The greatest animation ever created!!!! WATCH IT NOW!!!
Stick FightingStick Fighting
Hosted by Imageshack.us. My oldest animation. August 29th, 2002